Guru Rinpoche ~ 100% pure Tibetan Incense

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Guru Rinpoche Incense is a traditional masala offering incense made by hand in accordance withe the formula laid down by the ancient Tibetan doctors and medicinal texts.  It is composed of many different herbal ingredients including Cedarwood,  Spikenard, Ambergris, and many other medicinal herbs which have  curative properties.  It can help to relieve insomnia, headache, stress, tension, anxiety, depression and pains arising from nervous disorders.

This incense is 100% natural, non~toxic and non~addictive.  We pray that your purchase and use of Guru Rinpoche Incense will bring benefit to all beings.

It contains 36 sticks, over 22cm long.

(This incense is "stickless" and completely safe for inhalation and the environment) 

    Handmade in Nepal              Ships from Australia