Statues, Goddesses, Mirrors & Bronzes

Offering Goddess'
The Offering Goddess of flowers, "Me Tok Ma" is fresh, beautiful and bright wall decor for any home, yoga studio or meditation space.  Sculpted and cast in the Eyescape Studio, in durable, long lasting materials, then uniquely hand~finished & are suitable for indoor or out. 
All mirrors are original designs from the Eyescape Studios. Moulded cast and hand finished in quality products by the artist and can be custom painted to suit your interiors.  Designed to be easily hung, these mirrors bring colour and good feng shui to any space.
Statues and Original Commissions
Other items in this collection are "made to order" and will vary in shipping times depending on what items are in stock.
Please contact Adrienne on the "about us" page for any enquiries & special orders. Most of what you see here can be custom finished to your liking, and we are more than happy to satisfy any requests.
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