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"Eyescape Designs" bring the sculptural works of Adrienne Strong to the market place.
Eyescape Designs are all original creations of Adrienne, who has been sculpting and painting in a variety of mediums since completing her degree in visual arts at QUT in 1992.
Her love of Tibetan Buddhism features heavily and almost exclusively in her works. Adrienne is a self taught sculptor & mould maker.  Alongside working as a Buteyko instructor & as a disability support worker, the artist has been reproducing her pieces so that her sculptural items can be made available at affordable prices.
All of the artworks featured here are handmade in Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in the Eyescape Studios.  They are cast in the strongest of materials, lovingly hand-painted & some are finished with 22carat gold leaf highlights. 
 "Eyescape Imports" offerys a range of Tibetan Incense, Incense holders and Incense burners which are handmade in Nepal.  
Adrienne has been visiting Nepal for over 20 years and owes her love of Buddhism and the beautiful iconography to the wonderful people & region of Nepal.  So now, included in the range of eye candy that Eyescape Designs has to offer & in order to support the beautiful people of this Himalayan region,  are some of the best quality Incense & a select range of metal handicrafts made by the Artisans of Nepal. 
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