Tibetan Incense (The Flower Goddess) ME~TOK~MA

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ME~TOK~MA, The Flower Goddess is the dakini who offers flowers to the gods, multiplying her form and filling the sky, making oceans of offerings.

In this incense the fragrances of Kesar, Tsampaka and Pangpoey together with numerous other prescribed herbs give out fragrance of the most precious and beautiful incense.  Made based on the MEN~NGAK formula, according to the Tibetan tradition, with the entire process , from selection of herbs to packaging done in the same way Lamas used to for CHOED~PA , or offering to the gods.

It contains 24 sticks, 20cm long, each stick burning for approx. 2 hours

(This incense is "stickless" and completely safe for inhalation and the environment) 

Handmade in Nepal.        Ships from Australia